Epic Consulting Services

Epic Consulting Services 

Ensure the success of your implementation with the right expertise and experience. Our team at Quality Informatics Consulting (QIC) provides extensive and rigorous training, design, and project management of your Epic EHR implementation and optimization to drive success.

We believe that no business can thrive without the right help, which is why we retain dedicated consultants to advise your team and guide you through the roll out of your Epic modules.

Change Management and Education

Structural change can be difficult, especially in healthcare where workflow is slow to change. So whether you are undergoing an organizational change or a new software implementation, our QIC team of qualified consultants will help you manage this change leveraging Epic’s comprehensive environment, and educate your team on the right procedures to follow.

Go-Live Support

Providing elbow to elbow support to implement best practices and workflows to increase provider adoption, reduce clicks and prevent provider burnout. Other Go Live support items include command center planning, workflow testing, dress rehearsals and practice troubleshooting with in-house IT team.

Managed Services

Our professionals free up daily maintenance time for staff, so your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives during any phase of the software roll-out and beyond.
Our Epic Certified analysts provide extra hands on support and bring years of experience from previous implementations to suggest best practices during any implementation or upgrade.

Data and Analytics

Epic provides healthcare organizations with a pool of data from multiple entry points. Without help from a qualified consultant however, this data may go under-utilized, missing opportunities to improve workflow efficiency and boost revenue.
QIC helps capture and understand data that is meaningful to your company through the Epic software with reports and dashboards.

Why is Epic Gaining Momentum?

Epic provides in-depth software solutions for specialized clinics, hospitals, and multi-hospital organizations. The goal is to organize patient health information and streamline workflow to ensure clinicians have access to all data that could affect diagnosis or treatment plans.

The software is gaining momentum through its ability to reduce demand management for IT professionals and makes it easier for hospitals to comply with healthcare regulations and laws.

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Epic provides a wide view of hospital accounting, allowing you to manage revenue cycles and identify areas of improvement. Workflow inefficiencies can be identified that further improve the patient experience by analyzing denials management, accounts receivable, consolidation revenue and more.

Patient Engagement

Two critical parts of optimizing a facility or department for revenue growth is efficiently onboarding patients and streamlining patient engagement. Epic provides these benefits by providing clinicians with the EMR data needed in a fraction of the time, streamlining pre-patient processes, and allowing staff to spend more time in direct contact with the patient.

Epic Consulting Solution

Some of the services our team can provide include:
– Methodical consultant placement in temporary or permanent positions within your company
– Advice on industry’s best practices when rolling out new implementations
– Flexible, in-depth training solutions for all Epic software modules
– Custom education for your team’s needs in utilizing Epic to its fullest potential
– Complete end-to-end testing to ensure your software is fully integrated with your new workflow

Is Epic Better Than Cerner?

Both Epic and Cerner offer cloud-based software solutions, however, many large healthcare organizations choose Epic to provide the most versatile EHR solutions for their hospital management needs.
Many clinicians state that Cerner suits their needs in ambulatory services or for smaller clinics, as they cater to smaller practices. However, larger healthcare organizations and hospitals state that Epic provides a cleaner user interface (UI) and more straightforward workflows and tools, making the choice to switch to Epic a no-brainer.

At QIC, we provide consulting services for both EHR solutions, ensuring your practice can continue thriving at peak efficiency no matter which solution is best for your environment.

What Percentage of Hospitals Use Epic?

Epic holds the largest EHR market share in the healthcare industry ¬¬–29% of all acute care hospitals utilize Epic software and Epic consulting services to maintain their patient records and improve overall workflow.
This means that Epic has an electronic record of more than 250 million patients and counting since just last year. The large percentage of hospital use is a significant deciding factor for many organizations looking to switch.

We Know Epic EHR

Our Epic Certified and Credentialed consultants are well-suited to help healthcare organizations integrate Epic software into staff’s daily workflow. We focus on Epic training, implementations, upgrades, and optimizations, as well as managing Go Live. Our Certified Epic consultants have many years of experience in their respective Epic modules including ADT, Ambulatory, ASAP, Beacon, Beaker, Cadence, Cupid, PB, HB, MyChart, and much more.
We make sure the software is fully functional. and passes all integrated tests. With QIC as your EPIC installation partner, you and your team can confidently utilize EPIC’s functionality to its full potential.
Your focus should be on providing high-quality patient care and performing at peak efficiency. Our focus is on getting your team there, ready for the next innovative step in healthcare.

Contact the Experts at Quality Informatics Consulting

Leverage a support team who can help your organization succeed in an ever-changing industry and see why so many clinics and hospitals utilize Epic software for managing patient and staff needs.
Maximize clinician time with patients and minimize workflow disruptions, allowing you to control costs and improve the overall patient experience and workplace efficiency. Benefit from innovative solutions to everyday EMR problems with the help of our qualified Epic consultants.
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