eClinicalWorks Consulting Services

eClinicalWorks Consulting Services

It’s no secret that change can be difficult on healthcare professionals. While technological innovation is important, new workflows must be balanced with patient care and workflow efficiency.

That’s where the professional consultants at Quality Informatics can help. We provide healthcare facilities with seamless integrations training solutions to help your practice put its best foot forward in the industry.

With countless successful implementations at leading clinics and doctor’s offices around the nation, our team is full equipped to help your staff thrive in a technologically advancing world.

With full end-to-end support, staff training, and project management services to suit your organization’s individual needs, we can place a consultant in temporary or permanent positions to keep your business moving forward.

Regain Control of Your Clinical Data

Your organization depends on the data it collects to make decisions and improve workflow. eClincial solutions is the ideal software to capture this data and analyze it in ways that are meaningful to your practice.

With the expertise of Quality Informatics on your team, your clinic will be equipped with the best knowledge on eClinical solutions, synergistically mixed with the industry expertise that comes with each consultant’s clinical background.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Provide and map insights across multiple data sources easily to discover and mitigate any operational risks.

Our team can help you with the quick implementation of risk-based monitoring software, setting up risk profiles, creating visual data, and learning how the software renders data based on key inputs.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) Insights

Beneficial for research labs and biomedical sciences, CTMS Eclinical solutions can combine various operating data into one source to help your staff benefit from current future medical trials.

This system allows researchers and clinicians to increase their operational oversight of each trial, as well as break down data from an aggregate perspective.

Clinical Data Acquisition and Analytics

Make the data your clinic acquires and stores more meaningful to your practice’s R&D team. Transform and organize your patient data, and learn how to review medical monitoring with oncology-specific visualizations with the help of our eClinical solutions consultants.

Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking can significantly boost the patient experience. Our consultants can help your team set up and manage the online portal, integrating it seamlessly into provider schedules and updating patient records in just a few clicks.

Data Conversion and Standardization

Save time and money with streamlined and collaborative data reviews within the eClinicalWorks software. Standardize data points and map patient information according to your practice’s needs.

Our team can help your staff learn how to improve data quality, provide standardizations, and reduce the risk of errors within source data.

On-Site Patient Payments

Improve the patient care experience with easy payment solutions available on-site and through the patient portal. Our team will help your front desk staff adjust to the new workflow and familiarize them with the system based on an analysis of their current workflow.

At Quality Informatics, our consultants are familiar with clinical operations, as well as the solutions your team is integrating, allowing us to provide a full suite of training and support from the IT department to front desk workflow.

All Your Data: Exactly the Way You Need It

eClinicalWorks provides a wide range of data in a variety of formats and arrangements to make it easy for your organization to sort and monitor with the click of a button.

Learn how to maximize the value of that data with software solutions that match your organization’s needs.

Quality Informatics Consulting is dedicated to providing both individual and organizational support for new software rollouts, from IT services to on-site staff training and data analytics.


About QIC

Quality Informatics Consulting has knowledgeable eClinicalWorks professionals on staff with real clinical experience. We focus on providing seamless software transitions to healthcare organizations, ensuring their integration and training roll-out is completed successfully.

At the end of our rigorously paced training, your staff will understand how to best utilize eClinicalWorks to perform their role in the company and the software will be completely integrated between your patients, clinicians, and front desk staff.

No more untangling the complex web of third-party integrations; with help from Quality Informatics, we can help you implement eClinicalWorks software and free up your IT department’s attention.

Real eClinical Solutions, Not Headaches

The healthcare industry can be slow to change, which makes new workflow solutions a headache for many employees.

At Quality Informatics, we understand that not every solution is the right fit for your company, which is why your organization needs a bespoke training program to help staff phase in the new software gradually before understanding and utilizing its full potential.

Let us work with your staff and advise your team on the best way to help your team learn new software and overcome IT challenges.

We Know eCW

Our trained, certified consultants are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need to help your staff move forward with a new workflow. We specialize in today’s leading eClinicalWorks software modules, including:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Populations Health
  • eClinical Touch
  • Patient Portal
  • Practice Management

… and much more.

When eClinicalWorks software is utilized to its full potential, nothing can stop your team from providing the best patient care possible.

Elluminate Implementation

eClinicalWorks’ clinical data management system Elluminate can integrate seamlessly into your software, providing your clinical practice or biomedical organization with new sources of data. This integration allows your staff to access various data hubs including EDC, oCOA, labs, and many other sources.

Use the clinical data cloud to organize and analyze data with streamlined ease, sorting it in ways that are valuable to your practice, keeping data organized and meaningful, versus the endless and chaotic potential of raw data outputs.

Real eClinicalWorks Training

At Quality Informatics Consulting, your medical staff will be fully trained to understand the new processes you are implementing and able to adapt their existing workflow accordingly.

We provide unique training solutions that engage your physicians, nurses, and office staff in a way that is relevant to their roles and personality.

By providing options that suit your staff’s needs best, our team can successfully help you roll out new software integrations and module updates in a fraction of the time with traditional roll-outs.

Contact us today to learn more about our eClinicalWorks training services and how we can support your staff during complex software integrations.

Starting a New Practice?

eClinicalWork is a great solution to implement when starting a new practice, allowing you to capture meaningful data from the start.

It can, however, be overwhelming to balance learning the software with other aspects of running a new clinic. Our team of experienced consultants can help you and your staff minimize distractions and learn the software’s capabilities completely.

Are you ready to improve your clinic’s workflow efficiency, boost the patient experience, all with better control and understanding of the data your practice captures? Let our team know and we’ll discuss an ideal solution for your practice.

New Software and Workflow Training

Whether you are starting with EclinicalWorks or switching from another software solution, introducing a new system to your staff can present a range of problems. Mitigate your downtime and minimize disruptions in patient care with qualified, experienced help.

At Quality Informatics, we provide consultation services to help you and your staff get started with eClinical solutions from the start without interrupting your current workflow.

Integrated Products in One Easy Platform

eClinicalWorks provides a variety of integrated products in one easy platform, allowing staff to connect health records, provider notes, manage payments, and even streamline check-in processes.

By providing one central hub for all healthcare applications that your team needs, you gain streamlined access to medical records and workflow notes, pushing the envelope of the quality of care your patients come to expect from your practice.

Robust eClinical Solutions

At Quality Informatics, we provide robust solutions to common eClinical problems and full software integrations, ensuring your team is equipped to transition smoothly into a new era of healthcare innovations.

Contact our team today to learn how we can help your organization thrive in today’s technological world.

How Can We Help You Transform Your Business?

From emerging biotech companies to multi-hospital organizations, Quality Informatics Consulting helps provide staff with the knowledge and training necessary to make the change to desired software solutions.

Integrate clinical and operational data with ease, analyze workplace efficiency, and improve data management with advanced programmatical solutions.

eClinicalWorks provides an in-depth suite of patient, data, and project management modules that can help your organization maximize ROI and improve patient care.

See how your team can benefit from the robust experience of our eClinicalWorks consultants today. We specialize in training, design, testing and data management services to ensure your new software is fully integrated with your workflow.